Parish Defibrillator

What is it?

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a mobile device that gives the heart an electric shock WHEN SOMEONE’S HEART STARTS BEATING IRREGULARLY to the point where, because it is not pumping properly, it is not getting oxygen to the brain and other organs (cardiac arrest). The AED applies an electric shock across the heart which can reset the heart beat to a normal rhythm.

When do you use it?

Cardiac arrest often occurs without warning. The patient will have usually have collapsed suddenly, will be unconscious and show no pulse or an irregular pulse and NO SIGN OF BREATHING. The person may not move or movements may be sporadic like a seizure (spasms). Their skin may turn bluish from lack of oxygen. If someone requires CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) then they will need the AED.

Where is it?

It is located on the wall opposite the reception desk in the Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford and is accessible 24 hours a day. For the emergency services the post code is TA24 7PY and the grid reference is SS853384. The photo shows the actual AED in the Exmoor White Horse Inn so you know what it looks like.

How do you use it?

Don’t be frightened to use the machine – it will only give an electric shock to the patient if it DOES NOT DETECT A NORMAL HEARTBEAT.

  • First make sure that someone has called for an ambulance and, if the AED isn’t immediately available, give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) until someone can bring you the AED
  • Take the AED off the wall
  • Switch it on
  • When the machine starts it will tell you clearly visually and verbally what to do at each step
  • Follow the prompts until the ambulance arrives or someone with more experience takes over
  • Try to act quickly and calmly at all times
  • Communicate clearly at all times

There are a number of people in the parish who have been trained to use the AED machine – BUT if they are not immediately available don’t waste any time – every minute is critical, so start using the AED. A more experienced person can join you as soon as they can get there.

Contact list of those trained in the use of the AED in our community:

*Linda Hendrie    01643 831229
*Peter Hendrie    01643 831229
*Emma Swallow  01643 831229
Mike Ellicott       01643 831706
Jill Edwards       01643 831216
Ines Collett        01643 831016
Kathryn Tucker  01643 831213
Mary Menon      01643 831607

*based at, or work at, the Exmoor White Horse Inn where the AED is located

Parish Defibrillator