Exford C. of E. First School

There is one school, Exford Church of England First School, which has children up to the age of 9 years. It was built in 1873 and had a new wing, comprising a new classroom, office, entrance lobby and toilets, completed in 2001 after a major fundraising  campaign, which was matched by a contribution from Somerset County Council.

The Head Teacher is Mrs Alison Appleyard: 01643 831365

The parents association is Friends of Exford School (FoES), whose Chair is Tracey Webb; the Treasurer is Verity Vigars and the Secretary is Sarah Atkins. Contact them by email on foes@educ.somerset.gov.uk

There is also a charity, the Exford School Trust, Reg. Charity No. 801697 (Chair: Mrs Sally Bickersteth, Tel: 01643 831673).

Most Recent Ofsted Inspection:
Exford C of E First School was inspected by Ofsted on 23rd February, 2017 under the Section 8 Short Inspection Framework. The outcomes were that it continues to be a good school, and that safeguarding is effective.

All staff continue to strive to make Exford c of E an outstanding school, and Exford Parish Council are pleased with the outcomes of this short inspection as the school and Exmoor Federation, of which it is a part, have undergone significant changes in the last twelve months. The outcomes of the Ofsted Inspection demonstrate that their high standards have been maintained.

The school has now focused their work on strengthening their monitoring systems of teaching and learning within Mathematics, to ensure that pupils are able to achieve at the higher levels of Mathematics whilst ensuring all that is good about our local school remains in place.

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Exford Little Berries Pre-School

In 2015 the pre-school services at the Red Deer Nursery stopped after 20 years and great efforts were made to keep a pre-school in our parish. Fortunately, the First School welcomed the opportunity to have a pre-school in their building (it had been there many years before). So, from the autumn term of 2015 the Exford Little Berries Pre-School was established.

It offers child care provision from the age of 2 years in a safe and secure environment, and because they are in the same building, it has strong links with the First School.

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