Meetings & Documents

Parish Council Meetings

We meet regularly, on the fourth Tuesday every two months starting in January, and at other times when necessary, notably for planning matters.  These are usually in the small hall in Exford Memorial Hall. The May meeting is preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting of Electors and the AGM of the Parish Council when the annual accounts are presented. Council meetings are formal events. The meetings have a clear purpose – to make decisions – and are not just forums for debate. All Parish Council meetings are open to the public. The full Parish Council meetings are usually also attended by the appropriate representatives of the District and County Councils.

It is the Chairman’s responsibility to ensure that effective and lawful decisions are made. Decisions are taken by a vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman has a second or casting vote.

There are also information sessions and training events for Councillors, and community events.

Please note that meetings are audio recorded to assist the Clerk.

The Agenda for a meeting is published at least 3 clear days in advance of meetings, and normally at least one full week in advance.

The Minutes of a formal meeting are published within three weeks of the meeting. Please note that the minutes of a meeting remain a DRAFT version until approved by the Council at the following meeting.

Declarations of Interest at a Meeting

When Councillors first take up their post they must formally declare any disclosable pecuniary interests (DPIs) – these are business or financial interests. If an agenda item relates to one of a Councillor’s DPIs then they must not participate in the discussion or vote.

Councillors will be asked to declare any special interests in any of the agenda items at the start of the meeting – this is intended to give the public confidence in the decision-making. This is also an opportunity to declare any other conflict of interest associated with an agenda item, which is not a DPI. These might be those items that have an impact on you, your family, a friend or close associate more than it would have an impact on those in the local community generally.

Council Standards

Councillors are bound to uphold the Code of Conduct.  Any concerns over Councillors’ behaviours are dealt with by the Standards Committee at Somerset West and Taunton, who can be contacted via the Monitoring Officer –

Decisions are passed to the Parish Council.

Decision Notice Cllr Hickman  posted 29 April 2021